Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Unmistakable!! The style of Capcanes in the Montsant. The other evening we only wanted a glass each to enjoy with a movie and I grabbed the last 0,375l bottle of Costers del Gravet 2003 from Capcanes, it´s really at it´s best point.

Brand: Costers del Gravet

Winery: Capcanes

Vintage: 2003

Varietal: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Garnacha, 20% Cariñena

Winemaking: temperature controlled fermentation (27º C - 29º C with natural yeast), maceration for 14 - 21 days, all varieties vinified separately. Malolactic fermentation started in tank and finished in barrel, after blending aged for 3 months in tank before bottling. 12 months in new oak, after this 12 months in old barriques (mainly French).
Alcohol: 14%Average

Price: € 15,00 (for a 0,75l bottle)

Tasting Notes: elegant and complex, rich nose of red cherries, but also dark fruit, wonderfully integrated cocoa and vanilla flavors. Rich also in body, great sweet tannins and suprisingly “cool” fruit, perfect freshness and length.

Drink now through 2014

Food Pairing Suggestions: red meat slightly marinated, grilled vegetables, new potatoes with olive oil and rosemary

General rating: 4 tastevins - Categories: Authentic, expresses extremely well it´s terroir and region

Winery notes: the winery has grown to be a symbol for the entire region… Capcanes already existed before the Phylloxera which devastated the densely planted area entirely at the turn of the 19th century. After the plague about one fifth of the former plantation was replanted and some of those vines still exist today, many of them are 100 years old now. The Cellar Capcanes as it is known today was founded in 1933, at that time a change was needed to compete in a completely different wine market. Five families from the village collaborated in order to handle large quantities of wine economically and efficiently and formed the Coop. Until the end of the 80-ties wine was sold in bulk, although over the years people recognized more and more the amazing quality of the grapes grown in the Priorat area. In 1995 the real change came: the Cooperative Capcanes was asked by the Jewish Community of Barcelona to make Kosher wine. This demanded the installation of new equipment etc. The ground was laid for not only production of kosher wines but in general for wines of extremely high quality.

Pinot Noir

I had given up on finding great Pinot Noirs in Argentina. At least I never really found the style that I personally like (smooth structure, earthy silky mouthfeel with aromas of strawberry style, lush but still complex, not missing the freshness) , so here is the absolute exception, so excited about it!!
Brand: Mudai
Winery: Palo Alto
Vintage: 2006
Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir
Winemaking: traditional winemaking method with long fermentation and maceration (29 days) in steel tanks (use of selective yeasts). 100% of the wine is then aged in new French (60%) and American (40%)oak barrels for 3 months. Winemaker is Luis Martinez. Only 4000 bottles made!!
Alcohol: 13%
Average Price: € 15,00
Tasting Notes: aromas are beautifully present from the beginning: strawberries, blackberries, a soft earthy note as well as a bit of smoke, and what I completely love about it …. hints of orange peel which gives it a fresh touch! This same complexity and freshness is repeated on the palate, well combined with rich red fruit and presenting a wonderful soft structured, velvety ending. And the alcohol is not even that high. Wow, the bottle was empty so quick…

Drink now through 2011

Food Pairing Suggestions: had a glass of it yesterday with some Brie cheese and it was a damn good combination. The wine just cleared out the palate entirely , no problems at all with the sticky texture of the cheese, the fruity flavors were delicious with the creamy flavors, dream team!
General rating: 4 tastevins - Categories: Fun sit down bottle:-)
Winery notes: Inside an old winery in Maipú with cane ceilings, adobe walls and long subterranean cellars obtained from former tanks, the latest technology being used is surprising. A modern mobile crusher, temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and first use oak barrels are the tools available to the enologist Luis Martinez who specialized at wineries in California. The first vintage was in 2004 and the winery counts with vines up to 35 years old.