Monday, February 16, 2009

Get the first entaste iPhone app on the iTunes

Dear Wine Aficionados,

We hope you are enjoying reading our entaste blog. We have already gathered many devoted international sommeliers to write about their adventures and misadventures, share their personal tasting notes on the wines they loved (or not), and provide you some education and insight into the realm of winemaking from all around the globe. Feel free to contact them and post any questions or initiate subjects you would like to find out more about.

A news from entaste is that from the last week our first application, entaste Food & Wine, is available at the Apple iTunes store for $1.99. It is a simple, practical and fast food and wine pairing guide. E.g. you are in the restaurant and dont kno
w which wine to pair with your sushi? Well, entaste F&W will tell you that Pinot Grigio might be a good choice....

The entaste team is in the meantime working hard to get the other mobile applications out on the market. We are preparing couple of applications, both for iPhone and Blackberry, with many cool features. While you are waiting for them to come out, read our blog and try out some new wines!!


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