Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bodega Del Fin de Mundo Special Blend 2006

Bodega Del Fin de Mundo

Brand: Special Blend

Vintage: 2006.

Location: San Patricio del Chañar, Neuquén, Patagonia.

Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon (40%), Malbec (40%), Merlot (20%)

Oak: 15 months aging in oak barrels (100% French oak barrels)

Average Price: $35.-

Tasting Notes: deep red colour with juicy plums, raspberries, tobacco and chocolate aromas. It is aged in new French oak barrels for 15 months which gives this wine outstanding complexity in which you may discover countless sensations as you explore its intense bouquet. It is a unique full bodied wine with excellent structure, complimented by velvety tannins that envelop the palate with an elegant sensuality.

Food Pairing Suggestions: this blend is perfect to be enjoyed with greasy red meat.

Winery Notes: Bodega Del Fin del Mundo was the first winery in the province of Neuquén. Its vineyards are located in the district of San Patricio del Chañar, 55 km away from Neuquen city. The region enjoys exceptional conditions for the cultivation of the grapes. There is excellent temperature variation with warm sunny days followed by cold nights witch give the grapes an excellent balance of fruit and acidity, colour, aromas and body.


  1. Great, great wine, specially for that price...
    One of my favourites...

  2. Este vino esta buenisimo