Monday, February 9, 2009

F*CK THE FINANCIAL CRISIS: Value wines that beat recession. Part 1

Rasmus Amdi Larsen is a 21 year old sommelier. He is currently working as head-sommelier and Restaurant Manager at the restaurant Le Sommelier in the centre of Copenhagen. Administrating the 1600 bottle wine list, one of the largest in Denmark, this young sommelier is showing a lot of potential. Rasmus is also educating at the Hospitality College in Copenhagen, competing in sommelier competitions - and in the limited free time, golfing is a huge interest. To get in touch with Rasmus email him at

The times of irrationality are over. The financially harder times are here, and I actually think this is a good thing for the food and wine industry. We have seen over the last few years wineries and restaurants open like never before. It seemed, terms like talent, skills and life long enthusiasm in our field has been in the background for money. It was no problem for untalented – but rich – ‘fools’ to start the business. If the quality wasn’t as high as the neighbours, you could always just out-PR them! But now, with everyone talking about the financial crisis, only the best will survive. Only the best and most skilled people can win – the market will always be here, and quality will beat quantity. This series of articles will guide you through my absolute favourite value wines.

Dutchke 'GHR' (God Hills) Shiraz 4 Vineyard

Winery: Dutchke
Vintage: 2006
Appellation: Barossa Valley
Varietal: Shiraz
Oak: 18 months in French and American oak
Average Price: $20
Alcohol: 14.8%

Tasting notes: Shiraz is normally not my favorite. But this big, but yet very fine Shiraz is one that stands alone. It is blackberry and cherry dominated. The taste is long and filled with dark berries. The alcohol is ‘only’ 14.8% which gives the wine more complexity than normal. It is actually quite European in the style, even though it does not hide the warmth of its birthplace.

Food Pairing Suggestions: Why not the old classic. Rip of beef, French Fries and BĂ©arnaise sauce. Breast of duck, blackberry sauce and roasted potatoes. This wine needs heavy things, so avoid chicken and pork.

Winery Notes: This wine is from the Dutschke winery. It is actually my favorite in their large range of wines. This is the most delicate and easy drinking in the range, the others wines seem to me a bit to ‘gutsy’. It is made from 4 vineyards, one of them with 120 year old vines (!)

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